Importance of shoring: Why should you hire a shoring engineer?

Temporary shoring is appreciated by most construction businesses to strengthen the building and prevent damages. In other words, shoring is like a Band-Aid that provides a shield and shelter to enjoy a stable building construction. Various reasons make shoring essential in many construction projects. We shall discuss a few to learn the importance of NadeauSDM shoring engineer.

Reasons for temporary shoring:

  1. For disaster management in case of flood, fire, or other unfortunate circumstances. These types of disasters shake the structural integrity of a house, building, bridge, etc…
  2. If there are cracks in the exterior structure of a building or a house.
  3. If the walls of a building start to bulge or get swollen.
  4. When the steps of a building or house has widened, shortened, or dislocated for some reasons.
  5. The walls have opened and become larger due to a disaster.

Guide to shoring: Role of a shoring engineer?

Shoring can be of different types; dead shores, raking shores, and flying shores. Dead shoring is followed due to damages in a building or house. Flying shoring method is implemented if more than one building is involved. Flying shoring helps to stabilize the demolished or removed building. Raking shores are the third type of shoring system used to strengthen or support walls that are weak in structure.

Whenever your home faces some sort of disaster, shoring becomes essential. It is especially followed when the house or property is under renovation. Temporary renovation is a good way to ensure no damage is caused to the property in future too. In simple words, temporary shoring helps in creating a base for the labor so that repair work can start safely.

Shoring services must be carried out by a professional shoring engineer with good years of experience. If you are unsure from where to hire them, consider NadeauSDM shoring engineer.

It is the role and responsibility of a shoring engineer that considers safety, precaution, and execution of structures with support of temporary shoring. All those structures that are based on compromised foundations need a shoring engineer. A temporary section is built to prevent mishap of the structure and any accident of the labor present for the repair work.


Get ready with your requirements before you visit a shoring engineer. Prefer a qualified and experienced professional from a reputed firm only.

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