Getting a Small Business Loan Is a Big Business Idea

Many people view debt negatively, and perhaps Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice is partly to blame. If it weren’t for such stories, maybe getting a small-business loan would be less fraught with misconceptions.

We get it. Owing money can feel like a burden. However, when you choose the right lender, your debt can become a powerful tool to help your business grow.

Just like personal debt, business debt can be beneficial if managed properly. We’ll explain how, in 1000 words or less, because we value your time.

When Used Correctly, Debt Can Promote Growth, Not Stagnation

There are plenty of horror stories about debt. Businesses that don’t manage their debts responsibly can collapse under the weight. If a business’s income only covers its current expenses and loan repayments, it’s stagnating. Growth is essential for a healthy company!

Here’s a great example of how debt can be used to grow your business:

  1. Calculate the amount of financing you need.
  2. Secure funding for new staff training and equipment purchases.
  3. Your client is delighted, you reach a larger audience, and your staff and equipment are upgraded to handle the big orders that come from them and their referrals.
  4. With the profits from this new venture, you can repay your debts, improve your credit score, and reinvest in even bigger and better growth opportunities.

So, getting a small-business loan is actually a strategic move for growing businesses. You have to think big to become a big business. Debt is a growth tool that large companies use effectively.

What You Need to Know About Getting a Loan from Traditional Lenders

The traditional funding model is just that: conventional. This is how businesses have secured funding for decades. The legacy of these lenders is strong, but their application process for small businesses is not optimized due to their size.

A crucial factor to consider is that traditional lenders often do not prioritize loans to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). To survive, SMEs must have their working capital and cash flow replenished constantly. While traditional lenders can provide this funding, it may take them months to do so. Most SMEs require instantaneous funding to stay afloat and thrive when an opportunity arises.

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