Guide to importing cars from US to Canada: Details and information

Importing your favorite car from USA to Canada is one of the exciting things to go. You get to choose the vehicle of your dream at a cheaper price and enjoy driving on the roads of Canada. People craving for rare or vintage cars can opt for car import process for Canada. A number of steps will confuse you and make you take a back seat. However, hiring a customs broker can help you complete the formalities in less time.

To import a car to Canada, you must have some basic understanding of the process or things may look frustrating or confusing. Referring to this short and quick guide will help you further

Guide to importing cars from US to Canada:

  1. Check the process of obtaining an ITN number for your import request. You or your broker can get the ITN number by paying a fee as charged by the road authorities.
  2. Get your vehicle checked and inspected by the road authorities of the Canada. Your car will undergo a few tests to ensure it qualifies to run on Canadian roads.
  3. There are different guidelines to follow that are an integral part of the process. Take support of a customs company to understand the process well. Following the process with diligence means you respect and comply with the law.
  4. Learn the types of forms and documents required to complete the car importing process. Keep your documents ready beforehand to save time, cost, and efforts. You may have to visit the customs or transport office a several times for car importing to Canada. It is a part of the process and you must patiently comply with it.
  5. Hire a customs officer to smoothly complete the importing process. Hire a licensed customs broker to import a car to Canada.

A few more details to remember before importing the car to Canada include:

  • Manufacturing year of the car
  • Title and ownership details of the car
  • Clearance letter and recall clearance letter
  • Export certificate
  • Manufacturer’s approval letter
  • Pass inspection process
  • Testing of the vehicle by the CFIA
  • Submission of paperwork to the Canadian Border Service (CBS)
  • Vehicle registration in Canada after the import
  • Visiting an insurance agent

Visit a good customs broker to understand the costs and services involved in the car import process to Canada. If you have any queries, you can ask them without hesitation.

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